Four Essentials For Progress

Towards Alpha

Here are four essential tools for achieving Alpha: High Self-Esteem, Independence, Logic & Reason, and Discipline. Being independent and logical with high self-esteem creates the opportunity to advance with an “I will succeed no matter what” mindset. Discipline guarantees the action needed to turn opportunity into accomplishment. Developing these tools makes us much more able to overcome the “no matter what” that life WILL throw at us.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

~ Jim Rohn

High Self-Esteem

High self-esteem is essential for continual improvement and independent decision-making. A person with low self-esteem is plagued with indecision, negativity, low expectations, and low achievement. People with high self-esteem do not mix with individuals who continually have low self-esteem; it’s a toxic drain. To keep improving, we need to believe in ourselves and seek opportunity not positivity. Is this selfish and self-interested? Yes, and it’s healthy. I must see myself as useful and valuable before I can be useful and valuable to others. High self-esteem is essential.


Independence forces us to accept responsibility for our actions. This improves our sense of self-worth and ability to self-discipline. Independence facilitates continual improvement in the face of adversity. The infinite obligations, perceived entitlements, and desires of others receive much less priority if they don’t align with our life goals. We must deploy our finite amount of energy and resources in the best interest of ourselves and those most important to us. Independence creates opportunity and the ability to prioritize limited resources as we see fit. Independence is essential.

Reason & Logic

Reason and logic keep us aware of the real consequences and future emotions that may result from our decisions. Emotions are wonderful because they help us enjoy life as we grow and bond with others. They will always be present during the decision-making process. However, it’s favorable to experience strong emotions after reason and logic have played their part first. In this way, we can pave a path towards nourishing emotions instead of toxic ones. Favorable outcomes are more likely if we think first and feel later. Reason and logic are essential.


Developing discipline increases our effectiveness. It means we get things done as we match ambition with action. Motivation alone is an empty bag if we don’t have the discipline to see it through. Discipline is what leads to accomplishment. It’s the ultimate manifestation of the phrase “say less, do more”. Furthermore, it means improving our ability to self-regulate and exercise restraint. Discipline is successfully choosing our reactions to life’s up and downs. It’s what keeps us focused and able to improve day by day; moment by moment. Discipline is essential.

The tiniest of actions is always better than the boldest of intentions.”

 ~ Robin Sharma

A Few Thoughts

We need high self-esteem, independence, and logic and reason to create the possibility to improve and advance. These essentials fill us with an “I will succeed no matter what” mindset. However, not much is accomplished if we don’t have discipline to actually get things done. This is separates people into two groups: 1) the “say more, do less” crowd, and the 2) the “say less, do more” crowd. Which group we choose is up to us. Either way, there WILL be real world consequences. This is a wonderful opportunity because we have a choice and our actions are what matter.

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.

 ~ Denis Waitley

A great way to reinforce our core qualities is to Hang Around Titans To Absorb Greatness.

It’s very important to monitor our inner conversation. It may be Time For A Self-Talk Check-up.

We can be positive but if there’s no action to improve our lives, what’s the point? Focus On Opportunity NOT Positivity.

Motivation is an empty bag if we don’t fill it with good decisions and habits. Motivation Is An Empty Bag If There’s No Discipline.

“Logic takes care of itself; all we have to do is to look and see how it does it.

 ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Inspiration

Able Kinetic’s Core Qualities were influenced by Ayn Rand‘s “Ideal Man” and Jim Rohn‘s teachings on success and discipline. Below are four videos:

  1. Ayn Rand describing the ideal man,
  2. Ayn Rand on the Phil Donahue show (entertaining!),
  3. Jim Rohn talking about the value of discipline, and
  4. Jim Rohn talking about increasing your value.